Rare semileptonic and hadronic beauty decays provide some of the most promising framework to search for extensions of the Standard Model of particle physics, also referred to as "New Physics". In my project, I propose novel approaches to independently and complementary confirm the present anomalies observed by the LHCb collaboration in the flavour physics sector and, provide crucial auxiliary measurements which will allow to reduce the existing theoretical uncertainties.

Lay summary

2. Research plan

Recent studies of rare semileptonic decays of beauty mesons reported some intriguing discrepancies with the Standard Model (SM). Whilst the level of significance of these results are not conclusive yet, novel approaches to independently and complementary confirm the present anomalies are paramount. In this research I will pursuit new measurements that can reveal unambiguously the existence of New Physics (NP) and the nature of these flavour anomalies.

Searches for CP violation in decays of beauty baryons became experimentally accessible only recently with LHCb. This phenomenon is related to the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe, and its observation in the baryonic sector would open a new field of exploration and provide new probes for the SM. With the unprecedented LHCb dataset collected in the first and second runs of the LHC, I aim to study the most sensitive channel for this effect with a great discovery potential. 

3. Scientific and societal context

I expect with this research to either find evidence for new phenomena in quark flavour physics, or to place stringent bounds on the size of any NP effects. These results will yield insight as to how NP behaves, and could therefore revolutionise our understanding of physics interaction at the smallest distances.