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Contribution to book (peer-reviewed)

Book Souls of Stone. Funerary Sculpture: from Creation to Musealization
Editor , Rossi Vairo Giulia
Publisher Instituto de Estudos Medievais, Lisbon
Page(s) 295 - 310
ISBN 978-989-54529-1-0
Title of proceedings Souls of Stone. Funerary Sculpture: from Creation to Musealization


An animated scientific debate has been sparked in recent years (especially in the German sphere and in terms of historiographical research) in connection with the function that can be attributed to representation of the king within medieval society, in some cases calling into question what had previously been deemed to be indisputably written into the historiography. The project ‘Royal Epiphanies. The King’s Body as Image and Its Mise-en-scène in the Kingdom of Sicily (1130-1266)’ sets out to revive the traditional debate on royal portraiture and its function within society by examining it from an absolutely innovative point of view, namely by analysing it as an integral part of a much wider context of the sovereign’s mise-en-scène of his body. In other words, the aim is to place greater attention on royal bodily representation as a means of communication within a general communication strategy and to study how the public rendering of the royal body and its iconographic representation interact.