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Proceedings (peer-reviewed)

Editor , Carvalhais Miguel
Title of proceedings ICLI 2018, 4th International Conference On Live Interfaces
Place Porto

Open Access

Type of Open Access Publisher (Gold Open Access)


Creative processes, which can be treated as live performative acts, are seen nowadays as an interplay of humans, materials, media and machines. Interfaces are a part of this and often understood as technical devices, which bridge between humans and machines – Ivan Sutherlands Sketchpad counts as a prime example for it. Picking up this historical case this media-theoretical paper wants to introduce scripts and diagrams on paper as interfaces for machines and humans. Coming from historical case studies it will be shown that both media with regard to their operativity have to be considered even as “auto-interfaces”, which allow for example to influence someones self. Therefore scripts and diagrams as well as the interface-concept will be reflected media-theoretically. Thus, the paper expands the interface-discourse and links it to media theory, especially to diagrammatics and notational iconicity and provides a better understanding of creative processes based on handwriting or -drawing.