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Interfacing Philosophy

Type of publication Not peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Original article (non peer-reviewed)
Author Röller Nils,
Project Ikonografie der Trostschrift
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Original article (non peer-reviewed)

Journal Text - Image - Parergon
Page(s) 7
Title of proceedings Text - Image - Parergon
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.4923681

Open Access

Type of Open Access Publisher (Gold Open Access)


The text examines the function of images for digital access to philosophy. This leads to the question of how philosophy invents itself, now and in the future, when multiple digital mediation, archiving and organisation options are available. The text argues for the option of considering access and impasses equally, that is: to balance possibilities with speculation about limits and impasses. To do this, he suggests taking two directions: First, to follow the Interaction design of the New York Times of 20.9.2020. There, designers draw attention to Dürer's self-portrait around 1500. In comparison, the text develops a train of thought on historical illustrations of philosophy using the example of Boethius' "Consolation" with a focus on the handwritten tradition. This is done using the example of the manuscript Cambridge, Trinity college, Ms. 0. 3.7 (1179),, visited in March 2020.