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Signature of anisotropic exchange interaction revealed by vector-field control of the helical order in a FeGe thin plate

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Original article (peer-reviewed)
Author Ukleev Victor, Utesov Oleg, Yu Le, Luo Chen, Chen Kai, Radu Florin, Yamasaki Yuichi, Kanazawa Naoya, Tokura Yoshinori, Arima Taka-hisa, White Jonathan S.,
Project Discovery and Nanoengineering of Novel Skyrmion-hosting Materials
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Original article (peer-reviewed)

Journal Physical Review Research
Volume (Issue) 3(1)
Page(s) 013094 - 013094
Title of proceedings Physical Review Research
DOI 10.1103/physrevresearch.3.013094

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We investigated the low-temperature helical magnetic structures in a thin plate of chiral magnet FeGe, paying special attention to the variation of the magnetic modulation period with the angle of an applied magnetic field. A unique vector-field setup allowed us to continuously rotate the helical texture in the sample plane while measuring high-resolution resonant small-angle x-ray scattering patterns. The experiments and supporting micromagnetic simulations show that the direction of helical propagation can be robustly controlled by directional magnetic field training. The observed anisotropy of the helical modulation period is explained naturally by inclusion of higher-order anisotropic exchange in the Bak-Jensen model. The observation and estimation of this interaction provides a pathway to refine theoretical models of cubic chiral magnets and design spintronics devices based on the propagation switching of helical textures.