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On second thought: Reflections on the reflection defense

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Contribution to book (peer-reviewed)
Author KneerMarkus, ColacoDavid, AlexanderJoshua, MacheryEdouard,
Project Reading Guilty Minds
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Contribution to book (peer-reviewed)

Book Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy Volume 4
Editor , Lombrozo Tania; , Knobe Joshua; , Nichols Shaun
Publisher Oxford University Press, Oxford
Page(s) ?
Title of proceedings Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy Volume 4

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This article sheds light on a response to experimental philosophy that has not yet received enough attention: the reflection defense. According to proponents of this defense, judgments about philosophical cases are relevant only when they are the product of careful, nuanced, and conceptually rigorous reflection. We argue that the reflection defense is misguided: We present five studies (N>1800) showing that people make the same judgments when they are primed to engage in careful reflection as they do in the conditions standardly used by experimental philosophers.