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Original article (peer-reviewed)

Journal Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift
Volume (Issue) 109(2019, Heft 2)
Title of proceedings Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift

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This article traces the history of the Old Catholic press in Switzerland from 1870 to 1924. The development varied by linguistic region. Three periodicals were published in German-speaking Switzerland in this period. The editors used their networks with similar German German magazines. The more numerous Old Catholic periodicals in Western Switzerland were created in exchange with French Reform Catholics. In both regions, the magazines were first edited by clergymen. From 1873 or in Geneva from 1876 politically oriented editors represented the ecclesiastical sector of the opinion press. From 1878 and 1883 respectively, the journals served as regional ecclesiastical communication organs, edited by clergymen and scientists. The editorial content dealt with developments in the relationship between church and state that differed in the two linguistic regions. Eugène Michaud and Eduard Herzog were important as founders and editors. Inspiration centres for journalistic activities were in Paris (Hyacinthe Loyson, Wladimir Guettée), Munich (Ignaz Döllinger) and Bonn (Franz Heinrich Reusch).