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Editors (peer-reviewed)

Editor , Albani Antonia
Publisher German Informatics Society, Bonn
ISBN 1860-6059


Due to the dynamic economy of the changing global market, enterprises and their organizations need to be more agile, transparent, and capable of change and adaptation. In order to support business innovation, enterprises and their organizations need to be systematically analyzed, designed and engineered. The conventional approach of ‘black-box’ knowledge about enterprises, where the focus is put on the behaviour and function of an enterprise, might be sufficient and adequate for running the business. In order to innovate and transform the business, and adapt to changes, a different, ‘white-box’, constructional approach is needed. Although the diligent research work in the past resulted in a wide array of modelling methods, i.e., notations for describing the different aspects of organizations and the application of these notations, enterprise engineering still lacks analysis and design methods which are sufficiently grounded on theory and proven in practice. The construction of enterprises and their organizations has been designated as business engineering, enterprise engineering and organizational engineering, just to mention a few designations. In this context, engineering refers to a rather inclusive study comprising analysis, design and engineering. Regardless of the specific approach, enterprise and organizational engineering is a complex activity that consolidates different views, encompasses processes and sub-processes scattered within and beyond the enterprise boundaries, and represents the constructed artefacts on different levels of abstraction. This complexity requires innovative and integrative techniques such as collaborative, participative and interactive modelling. In this special issue the focus is set on methods defining how to engineer an enterprise, i.e., how to analyze and design an enterprise and its organization. This special issue is dedicated to the scientific contribution of Professor Jan L.G. Dietz in the field of Enterprise Engineering. He retired from his Full Professor and Chair position in Information Systems from Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) in October 2009, and with full perseverance keeps contributing to this emerging discipline.