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Shadows of the Soul - Philosophical Perspectives on Negative Emotions

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
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Editor , Teroni Fabrice; , Tappolet Christine; , Konzelmann Ziv Anita
Publisher Routledge, New York
ISBN 9781138689695


Negative emotions are familiar enough, but they have rarely been a topic of study in their own right. This volume brings together fourteen chapters on negative emotions, written in a highly accessible style for non-specialists and specialists alike. It starts with chapters on general issues raised by negative emotions, such as the nature of valence, the theoretical implications of nasty emotions, the role of negative emotions in fiction, as well as the puzzles raised by ambivalent and mixed emotions. The second part of the volume consists of studies of specific emotional phenomena, ranging from the emotion of being moved and the sense of uncanniness to jealousy, hatred, shame, contempt, anxiety, and grief.