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Using a Serious Game to Collect a Child Learner Speech Corpus

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Proceedings (peer-reviewed)
Author Baur Claudia, Rayner Manny, Tsourakis Nikos,
Project Designing and evaluating spoken dialogue based CALL systems
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Proceedings (peer-reviewed)

Title of proceedings Proc. 9th LREC
Place Reykjavik, Iceland

Open Access

Type of Open Access Website


We present an English-L2 child learner speech corpus, produced by Swiss German-L1 students in their third year of learning English, which is currently in the process of being collected. The collection method uses a web-enabled multimodal language game implemented using the CALL-SLT platform, in which subjects hold prompted conversations with an animated agent. Prompts consist of a short animated English-language video clip together with a German-language piece of text indicating the semantic content of the requested response. Grammar-based speech understanding is used to decide whether responses are accepted or rejected, and dialogue flow is controlled using a simple XML-based scripting language; the scripts are written to allow multiple dialogue paths, the choice being made randomly. The system is gamified using a score-and-badge framework with four levels of badges. We describe the application, the data collection and annotation procedures, and the initial tranche of data. The full corpus, when complete, should contain at least 5 000 annotated utterances.