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Original article (peer-reviewed)

Journal Вопросы Экономики [Voprosy èkonomiki]
Volume (Issue) 2018(4)
Page(s) 95 - 110
Title of proceedings Вопросы Экономики [Voprosy èkonomiki]


This article shows how representatives of various theoretical currents in economics at different times in history interpreted the efforts of Nikolay Sieber in defending and developing Marxian economic theory and assessed his legacy and role in forming the Marxist school in Russian political economy. The article defines three stages in this process: publication of Sieber’s work dedicated to the analysis of the first volume of Marx’s Das Kapital and criticism of it by Russian opponents of Marxian economic theory; assessment of Sieber’s work by the narodniks, "Legal Marxists", Georgiy Plekhanov, and Vladimir Lenin; the decline in interest­ in Sieber in light of the growing tendency towards an "organic synthesis" of the theory of marginal utility and the Marxist social viewpoint.