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Cytokinin Synthesis, Signaling, and Function-Advances and New Insights

Type of publication Not peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Review article (non peer-reviewed)
Author Zürcher Evelyne, Müller Bruno,
Project Defining Specificity in Cytokinin Ligand Localization and Signaling Interpretation
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Review article (non peer-reviewed)

Journal International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology
Volume (Issue) 324
Page(s) 1 - 32
Title of proceedings International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology


The plant hormones referred to as cytokinins are chemical signals that control numerous developmental processes throughout the plant life cycle, including gametogenesis, root meristem specification, vascular development, shoot and root growth, meristem homeostasis, senescence, and more. In addition, they mediate responses to environ- mental cues such as light, stress, and nutrient conditions. The core mechanistics of cytokinin metabolism and signaling have been elucidated, but more layers of regulation, additional functions, and interactions with other signals are continuously discovered and described. In this chapter, we recapitulate the highlights of over 100 years of cytokinin research covering its isolation, the elucidation of phosphorelay signaling, and how cytokinin functions in various developmental contexts including its interaction with other pathways. Additionally, given cytokinin's paracrine signaling mechanism, we pos- tulate that cellular exporters for cytokinins exist.