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Original article (peer-reviewed)

Journal Bulletin de Philosophie Médiévale
Publisher Brepols, Turnhout
Volume (Issue) 61(2019)
Page(s) 195 - 211
Title of proceedings Bulletin de Philosophie Médiévale

Open Access

Type of Open Access Green OA Embargo (Freely available via Repository after an embargo)


This article draws attention to two newly identified manuscipts transmitting Henricus Totting de Oyta’s Expositio in Meteorologica: ms. Praha, Národní Knihovna Ceské Republiky VIII.E.6 (olim 1531) and ms. Kraków, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Biblioteka Jagiellońska 674. Interestingly, in the Cracovian manuscript Henricus’ Expositio is combined with the second redaction of Nicole Oresme’s Questions on Meteorology. Based on some sample passages, I will show the nature of this compilation. This will lead to a consideration of the structure and the sources of Henricus’ Expositio. In the final part of the article, I will provide some information about the witnesses of Henricus’ commentary, as well as the incipit and the explicit of each book.