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Original article (peer-reviewed)

Journal Вопросы Экономики (Voprosy Ekonomiki)
Volume (Issue) 2018(4)
Page(s) 111 - 128
Title of proceedings Вопросы Экономики (Voprosy Ekonomiki)


The article deals with the rethinking of the contexts of intellectual biography of Nikolai Ivanovich Sieber (1844-1888) known as a Russian Marxist and the classical political economist. Three such contexts of collective practices, which give us broader understanding of his role and place are in the focus of the paper: university work and life, scientific travels abroad and the relationships and networks around publishing. On the base of secondary literature and new archival sources the author reveals the meaning of these institutions reconstructing the networks and the circle of Sieber. The author shows that Sieber had a large and diverse network in scientific and publishing activities, but as a representative of Russian cosmopolitan intellectual elite could not be judged in too narrow terms of national or revolutionary movements.