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Original article (peer-reviewed)

Journal Vivarium, Brepols
Volume (Issue) 2022
Title of proceedings Vivarium, Brepols

Open Access

Type of Open Access Repository (Green Open Access)


The paper provides to demonstrate the interdependence of semantics and noetics, against the referentialist trend in Abelard studies conceiving semantics as confined to the truth/falsity function. The paper takes as a turning point of the argument the Abelard’s question: «could it be that a true proposition generates a false understanding?», which literature does not take into account. Starting from the analysis of the question, the paper aims to show the development of an enhanced notion of understanding respect to the Boethian one. The core of the enhanced notion of understanding is the action of attentio, which is the condition for the elaboration of a coherent and global definition of signification (de rebus and de intellectibus). The analysis of the mental action of attentio entails the description of the other different kinds of mental actions, bringing to conceive understanding as a complex of multi- layered actions.