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Original article (peer-reviewed)

Journal Aurora Panzica
Volume (Issue) 62(2020)
Page(s) 153 - 182
Title of proceedings Aurora Panzica
DOI 10.1484/j.bpm.5.118704

Open Access

Type of Open Access Green OA Embargo (Freely available via Repository after an embargo)


This paper shows that the two anonymous questions transmitted on ff. 82vb-85va of ms. Vat. lat. 4082, previously ascribed to Nicole Oresme, are not by him. The ascription to this text to Oresme dates back to an article from 1959, in which René Mathieu identified the two anonymous questions with the treatise Inter omnes impressiones, quoted by Oresme in his Livre du ciel et du monde. Following the complete collation of the text transmitted in the Vatican manuscript, I have determined that these questions are drawn from Blasius of Parma’s Questions on Meteorology, as their content literally corresponds to that of question I.8-9 of Blasius’ commentary.