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How hot was the Holocene?

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Other publication (peer-review)
Author DavisBasil,
Project HORNET Holocene Climate Reconstruction for the Northern Hemisphere Extra-tropics
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Other publication (peer-review)

Publisher Past Global Changes, Bern Switzerland
Volume (Issue) 27(2)
Title of proceedings Past Global Changes Magazine
DOI 10.22498/pages

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Our ability to understand the natural variability of the Earth’s climate before modern anthropogenic greenhouse warming relies on establishing a public network of reliable proxy-temperature records from across the terrestrial and oceanic regions of the world. The PAGES 2k Network ( has been successful in extending our knowledge of the Earth’s temperature variability back 2000 years, and Climate-12k was established in December 2018 to further extend it back to 12,000 years before present.