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Other publication (non peer-review)

Book Report: Definition of Indicators and Evaluation of Reference Values
Publisher ZHAW, Winterthur


This work has been conducted at the Institute of Sustainable Development of the ZHAW Winterthur, more precisely within the framework of two projects of the National Research Program 70. One project is “PV2050: Sustainability, market deployment and interaction to the grid – the impacts of advanced photovoltaic solutions” under the lead of Prof. Dr. Bettina Furrer from INE. This project is part of the joint umbrella project "Next generation photovoltaics" under the lead of Prof. Dr. Christophe Ballif from Institut de Microtechnique, EPFL Neuchâtel. The other project is “Sustainability assessment of the CO2 methanation value chain: environmental impacts and socio-economic drivers and barriers” under the lead of Vicente Carabias from INE within the joint umbrella project "Renewable fuels for electricity production" under the lead of Dr. Andre Heel from the Institute of Materials and Process Engineering of ZHAW Winterthur. In both project INE has among other tasks the social and socio-economic life cycle assessment (S-LCA) for the new proposed technologies: the next generation photovoltaics and the methanisation technology. To exploit the synergies between the two projects a single methodology and reference is desirable.