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Laser-Induced Skyrmion Writing and Erasing in an Ultrafast Cryo-Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscope

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Original article (peer-reviewed)
Author Berruto G., Madan I., Murooka Y., Vanacore G. M., Pomarico E., Rajeswari J., Lamb R., Huang P., Kruchkov A. J., Togawa Y., LaGrange T., McGrouther D., Rønnow H. M., Carbone F.,
Project Discovery and Nanoengineering of Novel Skyrmion-hosting Materials
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Original article (peer-reviewed)

Journal Physical Review Letters
Volume (Issue) 120(11)
Page(s) 117201 - 117201
Title of proceedings Physical Review Letters
DOI 10.1103/physrevlett.120.117201


We demonstrate that light-induced heat pulses of different duration and energy can write Skyrmions in a broad range of temperatures and magnetic field in FeGe. Using a combination of camera-rate and pump-probe cryo-Lorentz transmission electron microscopy, we directly resolve the spatiotemporal evolution of the magnetization ensuing optical excitation. The Skyrmion lattice was found to maintain its structural properties during the laser-induced demagnetization, and its recovery to the initial state happened in the sub-μs to μs range, depending on the cooling rate of the system.