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Contribution to book (non peer-reviewed)

Book Germany in the Loud 20th Century
Editor , Florence Feiereisen and Alexandra Hill
ISBN 13: 9780199759392
Title of proceedings Germany in the Loud 20th Century


Dieser Buchbeitrag diskutiert die Objektivierung der Klänge wie auch die Schwierigkeit der Beurteilung räumlicher Klangqualität im 20. Jahrhundert. Chapter 4, “From Seat Cushions to Formulae: Understanding Spatial Acoustics in Physics and Architecture” Chapter Abstract: This chapter focuses on the interactions of sound and space, specifically the architecture of concert halls. Theories of architectural acoustics around 1900 ranged from those that were rather mystical in nature, such as those put forward by Adolf Loos, to those that were more empirical and based on the physics of sound waves, such as the science of acoustics of the physicist Wallace C. Sabine. By analyzing a selection of German and Austrian concert halls, including the Bösendorfer Hall in Vienna and the Berlin Philharmonie, this article walks readers through basic principles of architectural acoustics from the turn of the century to the post-war years. Chapter Keywords: architecture, acoustics, concert halls, Berlin Philharmonie, Bösendorfer Hall, Adolf Loos, Wallace C. Sabine