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Original article (peer-reviewed)

Journal Journal of the History of Philosophy
Volume (Issue) 57(4)
Page(s) 731 - 748
Title of proceedings Journal of the History of Philosophy


This is the first bibliography collecting all studies that have been entirely devoted to Johannes Clauberg or that contain a substantial discussion of his works, from the early nineteenth century down to our day, namely, in the age when scientific philosophical historiography arose and reached full maturity. Clauberg (1622–1665), known as a representative of modern German reformed scholasticism (Schulmetaphysik)—in this context, he is the author of one of the most systematic treatises on ontology of his day—is among the first followers of Descartes. Leibniz praised Clauberg’s commentaries on Descartes’s works, and described him as a disciple who surpassed his master in clarity. This bibliography reveals Clauberg’s versatility in treating some of the major questions in the history of modern philosophy: metaphysics and ontology—also taking into account the neologism ontologia—cartesianism, logic, hermeneutics, physics and occasionalism.