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An atypical addition to the chemokine receptor nomenclature: IUPHAR Review 15

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Review article (peer-reviewed)
Publication date 2015
Author Bachelerie Françoise, Graham Gerard J., Locati Massimo, Locati Massimo, Mantovani Alberto, Mantovani Alberto, Murphy Philip M., Nibbs Robert, Rot Antal, Sozzani Silvano, Sozzani Silvano, Thelen Marcus,
Project Conventional and atypical chemokine receptors: different mechanisms of function and common responses
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Review article (peer-reviewed)

Journal British Journal of Pharmacology
Volume (Issue) 172(16)
Page(s) 3945 - 3949
Title of proceedings British Journal of Pharmacology
DOI 10.1111/bph.13182

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© 2015 The British Pharmacological Society. Chemokines and their receptors are essential regulators of in vivo leukocyte migration and, some years ago, a systematic nomenclature system was developed for the chemokine receptor family. Chemokine receptor biology and biochemistry was recently extensively reviewed. In this review, we also highlighted a new component to the nomenclature system that incorporates receptors previously known as 'scavenging', or 'decoy', chemokine receptors on the basis of their lack of classical signalling responses to ligand binding and their general ability to scavenge, or sequester, their cognate chemokine ligands. These molecules are now collectively referred to as 'atypical chemokine receptors', or ACKRs, and play fundamental roles in regulating in vivo responses to chemokines. This commentary highlights this new addition to the chemokine receptor nomenclature system and provides brief information on the four receptors currently covered by this nomenclature.