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Towards a Synthetic Mitochondrion

Type of publication Not peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Original article (non peer-reviewed)
Author Biner Olivier, Schick Thomas, Ganguin Aymar Abel, von Ballmoos Christoph,
Project Functional investigations of bacterial and eukaryotic membrane proteins
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Original article (non peer-reviewed)

Journal CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry
Volume (Issue) 72(5)
Page(s) 291 - 296
Title of proceedings CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry
DOI 10.2533/chimia.2018.291


Our group at the University of Bern uses biochemical and biophysical techniques to unravel details of the molecular mechanism of membrane proteins. Of special interest are the large multi-subunit complexes of the universally conserved respiratory chain and the ATP synthase that are found in mitochondria and aerobic bacteria. In a bottom-up approach using purified membrane proteins and synthetic lipids, we aim to mimic the basic processes of oxidative phosphorylation. We further develop methodologies to increase the complexity of such artificial systems, paving the way for a synthetic mitochondrion. In this minireview, we summarize recent efforts of our groups and others towards a synthetic respiratory chain.