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Identification Cards of karst systems as tools for a sustainable management of karst systems

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Proceedings (peer-reviewed)
Author Demary Sabrina, Vouillamoz Jonathan, Eichenberger Urs, Weber Eric, Jeannin Pierre Yves,
Project SWISSKARST: Towards a sustainable management of karst waters in Switzerland
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Proceedings (peer-reviewed)

Page(s) 115 - 118
Title of proceedings H2Karst, 9th Conference on Limestone Hydrogeology, Besançon (France) 1-4 sep. 2011


Results of the KARSYS approach are presented as Identification Cards (ID Cards) for each main karst system, including maps, 3D views, a basic data-base and a series of attachments (typically literature). Identification Cards intend synthetizing the main karst system characteristics. They have to be at once concise and enough complete. They must address questions from cantons, communities, water-supply agencies or any further water-users of a karst area. For this reason, some aspects of the ID Cards are being adjusted to the respective demands and priorities of users. Furthermore, ID Cards consider the following potential user conflicts and interactions: drinking water supply, hydropower production, artificial snow, irrigation, geothermic. The KARSYS documentation approach of karst systems is an important step towards a better understanding of karst hydrogeology at a regional scale. It is a necessary step for a sustainable management of karst groundwater and it represents a necessary base for any further step including modelling of water quantity, quality, or the assessment of global change on karst systems.