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Mitochondrial translation in trypanosomatids: a novel target for chemotherapy?

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Review article (peer-reviewed)
Publication date 2011
Author Niemann Moritz, Schneider André, Cristodero Marina,
Project Mitochondrial biogenesis in T. brucei: import of macromolecules and organellar gene expression
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Review article (peer-reviewed)

Journal Trends in parasitology
Volume (Issue) 27(10)
Page(s) 429 - 33
Title of proceedings Trends in parasitology
DOI 10.1016/


Trypanosomatids cause widespread disease in humans and animals. Treatment of many of these diseases is hampered by the lack of efficient and safe drugs. New strategies for drug development are therefore urgently needed. It has long been known that the single mitochondrion of trypanosomatids exhibits many unique features. Recently, the mitochondrial translation machinery of trypanosomatids has been the focus of several studies, which revealed interesting variations to the mammalian system. It is the aim of this article to review these unique features and to discuss them in the larger biological context. It is our opinion that some of these features represent promising novel targets for chemotherapeutic intervention that should be studied in more detail.