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Meanings and Functions of the Royal Portrait in the Mediterranean World (11th-15th Centuries)

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Book (peer-reviewed)
Author Bacci Michele, Studer Manuela, Vagnoni Mirko,
Project Meanings and functions of the royal portrait in the Mediterranean world (11th-15th centuries)
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Book (peer-reviewed)

Publisher Brill, Leiden
ISBN 978-90-04-51158-3
DOI 10.1163/9789004511583

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The book proposes a reassessment of royal portraiture and its function in the Middle Ages via a comparative analysis of works from different areas of the Mediterranean world, where images are seen as only one outcome of wider and multifarious strategies for the public mise-en-scène of the rulers’ bodies. Its emphasis is on the ways in which medieval monarchs in different areas of the Mediterranean constructed their outward appearance and communicated it by means of a variety of rituals, object-types, and media. Contributors are Michele Bacci, Nicolas Bock, Gerardo Boto Varela, Branislav Cvetković, Sofia Fernández Pozzo, Gohar Grigoryan Savary, Elodie Leschot, Vinni Lucherini, Ioanna Rapti, Juan Carlos Ruiz Souza, Marta Serrano-Coll, Lucinia Speciale, Manuela Studer-Karlen, Mirko Vagnoni, and Edda Vardanyan.