The project "Moving in Every Direction" (MIED) examines film practices in art that involve the moving image beyond the traditional cinema auditorium. Two artistic research projects each focus on an area increasingly important for cinematic representations in recent decades: art exhibitions and the urban space.

Lay summary

Cinematic forms outside the cinema and presented in variable spaces are rooted, among others, in the Expanded Cinema of the 1960s. Today, they find completely new prerequisites: through the digitalization of film, a technology that has been scaled down substantially, through networked screens and through the increasingly widespread use of virtual and augmented reality technologies. But also because audiences are becoming increasingly accustomed to moving images in everyday life.

The project investigates current forms of art installations in exhibitions as well as in urban space in two artistic PhD's. The researchers ask to what extent artistic installations with moving images provide an experience that corresponds (or does not correspond) to the viewing of a conventional film, and how artists proceed when they plan and realize such installative film works.  In this way, it aims to introduce the knowledge of artistic practice into the theory formation of film and media studies, thus contributing to the fundamental and ongoing transformation of contemporary film and media studies, in which spatial paradigms are increasingly coming to the fore. The results will be presented in exhibitions and installative works and published in written form.