The study of magnetism spans from fundamental quantum mechanical insights to ubiquitous applications in modern technology. On one hand, magnetic model materials provide ideal arenas for developing and testing new fundamental concepts in solid-state and statistical physics, on the other hand permanent magnets and magnetic data-storage are important technological applications.

Lay summary

This SNF Research Project targets 4 exciting topics in from magnetism:

A The fundamental 2D Heisenberg model on square and related lattices, ad-vancing understanding of the excitation spectrum and its extension to undoped and weakly doped cuprates

B Skyrmions – emergent magnetic objects, which in the magnetoelectric compound Cu2OSeO3 can be controlled by electric fields

C Dipolar coupled magnetic model systems LiREF4, providing examples of classical and quantum criticality, dimensional reduction, electronic-nuclear entanglement etc.

D Permanent magnets, while used everywhere in technology, Nd2Fe14B, is not well understood at the microscopic level. We will work towards such microscopic understanding of its magnetic properties.