Prof. Yves Emery and David Giauque, University of Lausanne

Lay summary

Employees’ performance and well-being in different contexts: Do New Ways of Working matter?

 Summary of the project

Public and private organizations seek to develop managerial and HR practices which create favorable conditions so as to increase both well-being and performance among their employees. Do New Ways of Working matter when it comes to reach jointly these two job outcomes’ objectives?

Content and purpose of the research project

The main idea behind this research project is to investigate the impacts of NWW practices in contemporary organizations, both on well-being (happiness, health and social relations) and performance of employees in different work settings. NWW may be described as organizational practices which allow employees to work more autonomously with less organizational constraints, with respect to time management, workspace (so called activity-based offices), or geographical location (mobile work), thanks to a favorable work environment, an appropriate leadership style, and technological devices to support mobile work.

This research aims to identify whether these NWW practices might be positive levers for improving employees’ well-being and performance as well. Another important objective is to test whether positive effects may be due to specific individual NWW practices or, on the contrary, to appropriate bundles of these practices. Other interaction factors will be included as well, such as leadership style and perceived organizational support, for instance.

Scientific and social context of the research project

Based on sociological and managerial theories, this research project lies on a mixed methodological approach combining qualitative interviews with employees, HR managers and line managers with a quantitative part related to a survey which will be sent to employees working in public or private organizations. This latter procedure will allow us to identify possible differences between the two sectors (private and public). This research will contribute to identify important levers to shape new work environments which could lead to increased well-being and performance among employees.

Keywords :

New Ways of Working; Well-being at work ; work performance ; private-public sectoral differences ; leadership ; organizational support.

Start of the project: autumn 2019.