WordWeb - a digital representation of intertextuality in the drama of Shakespeare's time

Lay summary

WordWeb/IDEM proposes an innovative digital database for representing intertextuality  in the drama of Shakespeare's time. We will build a digital representation based on Sematic Web technolopgies to display a comprehensive corpus of mutual quotations within the texts of this time. In order to achieve this

  1. develop and implement WordWeb, a software framework which can model complex intertextual relationships in any cultural domain.
  2. we will harness 200 years of research for an unprecedented overview of Intertextuality in Dra- ma of the Early Modern Period (IDEM).
  3. we will clarify Shakespeare's contribution to the overall "web of words" of his time.
WordWeb will renew our vision of intertextuality through a ground-breaking new paradigm for representing what is conventionally called "quotation". Instead of complete texts, WordWeb/IDEM will store only intertextually active passages, i.e. phrases which have been identified in more than one text. These items are not seen as deriving from a famous masterpiece. Instead, they represent much- quoted phrases which just happen to occur also in Hamlet, for example. The name "WordWeb" indi cates this new focus: short verbal items ("Word") are connected to each other by rich links that carry bibliographical information and other annotations ("Web"). As a new methodology, WordWeb can be applied to advance re- search and understanding of complex relationships in many cultural domains.