Solar energy has a primary role among sustainable energy sources, covering, by 2050 up to 20% of the global energy demand, thus reducing global CO2 emissions and fossil energy consumption. This challenge asks for the development of new technologies being efficient, stable and low cost.

Lay summary


In 2012, a new technology based on hybrid perovskite in the form of methylammonium lead iodide revolutionized the photovoltaic scene, with efficiency above 22%, comparable to Silicon. High absorption efficiency, high charge mobility and low non radiative recombination are few of the amazing properties of this material. EPISODE aims at realize a new hybrid technology combining the perovskite with the Silicon solar cells to further push the device performances. The goal is to develop a tandem solar cell overlapping the perovskite cell to the Silicon one. The central idea is to engineer the perovskite cell (optimizing materials, composition and energetics) optimizing its absorption in the visible region, complementary to the absorption window of Silicon cell. This will enable to harness photon over a larger spectral window, increasing the performances. The technological development will be supported by a fundamental study on the chemical, physical and structural properties of the device joining advanced experimental and theoretical methods.  


Scientific Context.

The project is collocated within the mission of the Swiss “Energy Strategy 2050”. Thanks to the know-how of the consortium EPISODE will lead to technological innovations, crucial for the Swiss energy market.