Lay summary

What the researchers in philosophy really do in their offices remains unfortunately mysterious for the general public. One crucial field of the philosophical research is especially enigmatic: metaphysics. The general goal of the project "Aristotle and the Helvetians. Eleven Essays in Helvetian Metaphysics" is to lift the veil from the philosophers’ activity, more specifically, from the metaphysicians’ methods and results. The project is divided into two stages. During the first stage (first year), the project’s aim is to publish a book entitled "Aristote chez les Helvètes, 11 essais de métaphysique helvétique". The book will deal with questions such has "What is A mountain?", "What is a hole in the Emmentaler?", "What is a bank?", "What is a fondue?", "What is a cow? "What is a watch?" by relying on contemporary metaphysical discussions. The second stage (second year) of the project is devoted to discuss the book’s content with the general public. A website —more particularly, a discussion forum— is designed. A course of presentations/debates is organized.