Lay summary
Cryptography has been the object of a very fast expansion over the past years. Today more than ever, being able to safely communicate in a private way is extremely important. For example, we daily rely on the Internet for bank access and transactions for communication and we use ATMs to access our money.Cellular phones are protected by cryptographic protocols in order to ensure privacy of the communication and correct billing of the users.Cryptography is also used for the authentication of messages via digital signatures and it ensures the identity of parties doing transactions over the Internet.At this point many cryptographic protocols rely on the hardness of the integer factorization problem. It is however not clear if these protocols remain secure with ever improving hardware and algorithms. The project is concerned with the creation and the study of new one-way trapdoor functions. This would ultimately lead to the construction of new public-key cryptosystems and hence also new signature schemes and identification protocols. The research continues the research of SNF project no. 121874.