Lay summary
This project deals with the epistemology of perception and the nature of perceptual warrant. It will at first try to leave aside the classical issues about the nature of perceptual content (conceptual/non conceptual, direct/indirect realism, disjunctivism/conjunctivism) in order to focus on the basing relation for perceptual belief. It will examine two groups of theories of perceptual warrant: those based on the concept of safety and those based on the notion of entitlement. Each of these views has distinct varieties. Some of them vindicate the notion of a priori entitlement, and in turn a version of the notion of a priori knowledge. Other rejects the notion of a priori knowledge. Our tasks will consist in confronting these different theories of warrant with the specific problems of perception. It is at this point that we shall be able to come back to the classical issues.
The project thus will deal with some of the main issues of contemporary epistemology.

The project is directly related to the projects “Epistemic, Rational and Social Norms” and “Knowledge, Reasons and Norms”.