Lay summary
The goal of the Swiss Mummy Project is to apply evidence-based diagnostic criteria for the study of artificially and naturally mummified human tissues to improve knowledge of post-mortem alteration of human corpses from ancient environments.The aim of the proposed study is to assess the temporal alterations of naturally and artificially mummified human tissues. Assessment of the aim will be conducted via:1. the use of innovative non-invasive diagnostic imaging modalities such as magnetic resonance techniques (NMR®-MOUSE, 1H- and 23Na-MRI) applied in correlation with established methods, e.g. computed tomography. 2. PCR-based aDNA-retrieval and correlative spatial tissue discrimination by immunohistochemistry (ELISA) and histology for the determination of the degree of molecular degradation.A particular focus will be on the (epi-) cutaneous and subcutaneous structures of artificially mummified tissue of human corpses.