Lay summary
One of the keys to understanding the dynamics of convergent orogens is the solution to the puzzle of plateau uplifts. Orogenic plateaus are flat, broad uplands of considerable elevation associated with collision zones. Modern examples of such plateaus include the Altiplano of South America, the Tibetan Plateau in the India-Asia collision zone, and the Anatolian Plateau of Turkey. These areas are of particular interest not only because the factors leading to their formation remain poorly understood but also because they exert a sustained influence on atmospheric circulation and climate, which themselves may contribute to plateau formation. This project uses numerical modelling techniques to (1) to improve our understanding of the tectonic processes leading to plateau formation (2) to determine how the mechanisms involved in plateau formation are recorded in the geological and topographic records and (3) to investigate links between plateau uplift, erosion, deposition and climate. This project is part of a larger TOPO-EUROPE project VAMP which is a multidisciplinary study addressing the topographic and tectonic development of the Central Anatolian Plateau (Turkey).