Lay summary
The main aim of the project is the develop of a new account of phenomenal concepts. Phenomenal concepts are concepts of kinds of experiences and they are formed on the basis of having experiences of the relevant kind oneself (they presuppose first person access to the kinds at issue). Phenomenal concepts are used in thoughts about our own experiences and those of others. Contrary to what may be found in the relevant literature, the account to be developed in the project will be based on a careful analysis of the conceptual framework used in so-called phenomenological reflection. We will address a challenge that has not found sufficient interest in the discussion of phenomenal concepts: the challenge provided by the intuition of transparency, - the intuition that phenomenal kinds of experiences are characterized by the properties that things appear to have in these experiences. We will try to develop an account of phenomenal concepts that does duty to the transparency intuition and at the same time preserves the idea that experiences have intrinsic subjective character that cannot be reduced to the properties represented in the experience. The account of phenomenal concepts will be used for a critical analyses of alternative accounts of phenomenal concepts, - accounts that are developed in order to show that anti-materialist intuitions are cognitive illusions that can be explained in a way compatible with materialism by our specific cognitive architecture.