Lay summary
This R'Equip project allows several research groups from Chemistry and Physics to build up a unique ultra high vacuum system in which several deposition techniques for the generation of thin layers and devices are combined: one pulsed-laser deposition chamber, one chemical vapour deposition chamber at lower temperature and one at medium temperature. The combination of all three chambers via a central vacuum chamber permits a clean deposition of different materials on substrates, either as pure thin films, or, by multiple layer deposition, the generation of devices.
This interdisciplinary project between chemistry and physics allows us to a) synthesise new chemical compounds which may act as b) precursors for oxide materials such as superconductors and magnetic materials, and to c) study their physical properties. This is as such of fundamental interest, for instance in understanding the interaction of substrate surface with the depot. It also allows stepwise deposition of several layers using different materials with different properties, such as organic conductors, magnetic oxides, etc. . This is of interest in the context of spintronics. In addition to these projects, the so-called isotope effect can be studied in the gas phase for volatile organic compounds.