Lay summary
This research project aims to investigate the LiReF4 (Re=rare-earth) family of compounds, which host a remarkably rich variety of interesting collective quantum phenomena. Their magnetic properties are governed by the crystal fields and dominated by simple dipolar interaction, both of which can be completely characterized, hence offering ideal model systems where experimental observations can be tested quantitatively by theory.Combining bulk and neutron scattering measurements, we intend to investigate a variety of materials and physical phenomena, including:-Mixed nuclear-electronic criticality in LiHoF4-Phase diagram of the random field Ising model LiHoxY1-xF4-Magnetic properties and models for LiREF4, RE = Eu - Lu as well as Y and Sc-Dynamics and criticality in the planar antiferromagnet LiErF4-Addressable spin clusters in dilute LiHoxY1-xF4-Controlled nuclear spins in LiHoF4-Cooperative quantum optics in LiErxY1-xF4At the centre of the project are two PhD students, who form part of a wider network of collaboration and resources. In addition to the neutron scattering facilities at PSI, and the new Laboratory for Quantum Magnetism at EPFL, the project resonates with the Swiss national effort on correlated electron systems largely within the MaNEP programme, and internationally benefit from ties to leading neutron sources, theorists and high quality collaborators