Lay summary
The 28th Int.Symposium on Free Radicals will take place in Leysin,Switzerland, 4-9 September 2005. This international conference wasestablished nearly 50 years ago in North America to bring togetherscientists at the frontier of research in a wide variety of areas of freeradical chemistry and physics, with particular emphasis on theirspectroscopic identification, characterization and dynamics. The objectiveof the meeting is to survey recent advances, induce stimulatingdiscussions, generate new ideas and map-out future directions in thefield. The Symposium has a tradition of being strongly interdisciplinarywith chemists, physicists, astrophysicists and atmospheric scientistsparticipating. There will be 24 invited lectures from scientific leadersin their fields. More details about the Symposium are to be found on theweb site:www.free-radicals-symposium-05.ch