Lay summary
Research Team: Jan Torpus, Roderick Galantay, Bennet Uk Project Name: living-room2 Project Duration: 01.08.2005-31.04.2007
Funding: DoRe

Taking a familiar space of everyday life as a starting point, ‘living-room2’ intends to explore how Augmented Reality could be integrated into our daily life. ‘living-room2’ intends to create scenarios for a future experience of domestic hybrid reality spaces.

‘living-room2’ focuses on the following two main research questions:
Which elements could be replaced by the virtual or the ‘real’ in a reliable way?
How could parameters as visual, sound, interior design, aesthetics, interaction / interface design and narrative be developed to connect virtual and ‘real’ space?

The research achievements of „living-room2“ are:

1. Development of an AR-system, optimized for a design research questions.
2. Development of complex scenarios to study design approaches and user behaviour.
3. Development of a Design-Vocabulary for room-oriented AR-scenarios.
4. Development of a Designer’s Toolbox for education and further development of scenarios.