Lay summary
The ultimate goal of this project is to improve the microscopicunderstanding of electrode processes in lithium-ion batteries and theircorrelation with material properties through an interdisciplinaryapproach. A greater understanding of the laws governing the Li+-ionexchange kinetics of electroactive insertion materials is not merelyessential for the technological application of these materials; it is oneof the most important scientific questions to be addressed in solid stateelectrochemistry today and would, undoubtedly facilitate development ofnew materials with improved properties. Consequently, this joint projectbetween PSI and ETHZ addresses the synthesis of novel, alternativeadvanced electroactive materials and the investigation of theirfundamental properties. The key issue is the synthesis of insertionmaterials with controlled structure, surface morphology, and particlesize, and with high lithium diffusion coefficients as well as sufficientconductivity. Two research groups are involved in this interdisciplinaryproject: At the ETH Zurich, Nesper’s group will use its know-how andinfrastructure for the design, synthesis, and structural characterizationof the materials. At the PSI, Novák’s group will primarily contribute withthe electrochemical characterization of the materials synthesized.Moreover, the planned detailed in situ characterizations of thematerial/electrolyte interface will be performed there.