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Billeau Beuze Sandrine

Gender Female
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Projects as member of staff

Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

Les natures de la ville (NaVille)
Fall Juliet University of Geneva - GE 01.09.2011 28.02.2015 Project funding

Dispositifs spatiaux du spectacle du monde. Genève, 1895-1914
Staszak Jean-François University of Geneva - GE 01.09.2014 31.12.2018 Interdisciplinary projects

The challenge of marginality and collective identities in sustainable tourism development strategies: Two case studies in African mountains
Debarbieux Bernard University of Geneva - GE 01.02.2009 31.12.2012 Resource not found: 'bd31932a-e257-46d9-9dba-079f6f2c77c6'

EU-gems: Gouvernance de l'Environnement et Macro-régions en Europe
Debarbieux Bernard University of Geneva - GE 01.01.2014 31.12.2017 Project funding

GLO-RETE: Globalization and re-territorialization of environmental initiatives in Central Europe : stakeholders, narratives, images
Debarbieux Bernard University of Geneva - GE 01.09.2009 30.11.2012 Interdisciplinary projects