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Rerko Laura

Gender Female
Institute Psychologisches Institut Universität Zürich
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Projects as member of staff

Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

The focus of attention in working memory
Oberauer Klaus University of Zurich - ZH 01.02.2013 31.08.2017 Project funding

The Perception-Behavior Link: How Social Perception Affects Interpersonal Behavior
Schmid Mast Marianne University of Neuchatel - NE 01.03.2006 30.06.2010 SNSF Professorships

Attention looking out and looking inward: How is the focus of attention in WM related to perceptual attention?
Oberauer Klaus University of Zurich - ZH 01.12.2009 31.12.2012 Project funding