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Hammoud Mahmoud

Gender Male
Institute Institut für Klinische Pharmakologie Universität Bern
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Projects as member of staff

Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

How Bacteria deal with copper
Solioz Marc University of Berne - BE 01.10.2005 30.09.2008 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Matrix metalloproteinases in kidney diseases: antifibrotic en- zymes or proinflammatory agents?
Marti Hans-Peter University of Berne - BE 01.09.1999 28.02.2003 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Analysis of interactions between parasitic wasps and their lepidopterous hosts
Lanzrein Beatrice University of Berne - BE 01.04.2004 31.03.2007 Project funding (Div. I-III)