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Department of Chemistry University of California, Irvine

Address Department of Chemistry University of California, Irvine
1102 Natural Sciences 2
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Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Psammaplysins
De la Barre de Nanteuil Florian Institution abroad - IACH 01.02.2015 31.07.2016 Early Postdoc.Mobility

Total Synthesis of Norrlandin
Kohler Philipp Institution abroad - IACH 01.05.2010 30.04.2011 Fellowships for prospective researchers

Developing terminal epoxide-initiated stereocontrolled polycyclizations for the synthesis of biologically interesting diterpenoids
Perrotta Daniele Institution abroad - IACH 01.09.2018 29.02.2020 Early Postdoc.Mobility

Totalsynthese von Maoecrystal V mit einer Diels-Alder Cycloaddition
Frei Markus Institution abroad - IACH 01.04.2006 31.03.2007 Fellowships for prospective researchers

Ab initio modeling of radiationless decay and non-adiabatic phenomena in large molecules
Tapavicza Enrico Institution abroad - IACH 01.02.2009 31.07.2010 Fellowships for prospective researchers

Totalsynthese von Massadine, einer neun Leitstruktur für die Entwicklung von antimykotisch aktiven Wirkstoffen
Paulini Ralph Institution abroad - IACH 01.01.2006 31.03.2006 Fellowships for prospective researchers

Total Synthesis of the core structure of agelasine A via ionic or radical coupling pathways
Mueller Daniel Institution abroad - IACH 01.05.2013 30.04.2014 Fellowships for prospective researchers