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Department of Chemistry Princeton University

Address Department of Chemistry Princeton University
Washington Rd. and William St.
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Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

Role of the Histidine Phosphorylation in Histones
Müller Manuel Institution abroad - IACH 01.11.2010 31.10.2011 Fellowships for prospective researchers

Cobalt-catalyzed borylation of sp3-hybridized C-H bonds
Krautwald Simon Institution abroad - IACH 01.03.2016 31.08.2017 Early Postdoc.Mobility

Chemical Recycling of Plastics: Reversible Cyclopolymerization Catalyzed by Pyridine(diimine) Cobalt Complexes
Duchemin Coralie Institution abroad - IACH 01.04.2021 30.09.2022 Early Postdoc.Mobility

Totalsynthesis of Maoecrystal V
Behrnd Norwid-Rasmus Institution abroad - IACH 01.10.2009 30.09.2010 Fellowships for prospective researchers