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Biozentrum Universität Basel

Address Biozentrum Universität Basel
Spitalstrasse 41
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Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

Investigating developmental role of extracellular vesicles using a novel synthetic tool
Matsuda Shinya University of Basel - BS 01.02.2020 31.03.2021 Spark

Remodeling of cognitive circuits in Parkinson’s disease
Tan Kelly University of Basel - BS 01.02.2015 31.05.2021 SNSF Starting Grants

Visualizing mechanotransduction in space and time with a mechano-optical microscope
Lim Roderick University of Basel - BS 01.01.2021 31.12.2023 COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)

Morphological dynamics of the permeability barrier in yeast nuclear pore complexes
Lim Roderick University of Basel - BS 01.12.2021 30.11.2025 Project funding

Analysis of chromosome conformation during dosage compensation and pha-4 regulation
Mango Susan University of Basel - BS 01.10.2020 30.09.2024 Project funding

Evolution of mitochondria molecular architecture across the photosynthetic tree of life
Waltz Florent University of Basel - BS 01.07.2022 30.06.2024 SNSF Swiss Postdoctoral Fellowships

Regulation and lineage dynamics of adult neural stem cells
Doetsch Fiona University of Basel - BS 01.03.2017 28.02.2021 Project funding

C. elegans Embryogenesis
Mango Susan University of Basel - BS 01.05.2019 30.04.2023 Project funding

Structure and mechanism of the cell wall biogenesis machinery from Gram-positive pathogenic bacteria
Perez Camilo University of Basel - BS 01.07.2017 30.06.2021 SNSF Professorships

Investigating the role for coronin 1 in T cell homeostasis and immune tolerance
Pieters Jean University of Basel - BS 01.04.2020 31.03.2024 Project funding

Stem Cell Dynamics Throughout Life: From Development to the Adult
Doetsch Fiona University of Basel - BS 01.07.2018 30.09.2018 Scientific Exchanges

LS2 Annual Meeting 2020 - Cells, Molecules, and Organisms
Doetsch Fiona Non-profit organisations (libraries, museums, foundations) and administration - NPO 01.01.2020 31.03.2020 Scientific Exchanges