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Centre Interfacultaire en Sciences Affectives (CISA) Université de Genève

Address Centre Interfacultaire en Sciences Affectives (CISA) Université de Genève
Chemin des Mines 9
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Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

Neuroscience cognitive des processus évaluatifs dans la genèse des émotions
Sander David University of Geneva - GE 01.01.2008 31.08.2010 Project funding (Div. I-III)

The role of the body, the face, and the voice in the perception of emotion
Mortillaro Marcello University of Geneva - GE 01.01.2019 30.06.2019 Scientific Exchanges

Functional specialization and integration of the basal ganglia in human emotional prosody decoding
Grandjean Didier Maurice University of Geneva - GE 01.10.2012 31.03.2016 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Emotion Dysregulation in Psychopathology: Pathway to an Innovative Neuroconnectivity-Informed Intervention
Samson Andrea University of Geneva - GE 01.09.2015 31.08.2018 Ambizione

A neuro-computational investigation of value precision
Lebreton Maël University of Geneva - GE 01.09.2018 31.08.2022 Ambizione

Understanding the Nature of Economic Values
Dayer-Tieffenbach Emma University of Geneva - GE 01.09.2013 31.08.2015 Marie Heim-Voegtlin grants

What does human intra-cerebral recording tell us about emotions?
Péron Julie University of Geneva - GE 01.09.2012 30.11.2012 Scientific Conferences

The Medieval Self-commentary: A Trans-National Perspective
Pizzone Aglae University of Geneva - GE 01.07.2014 30.09.2014 Scientific Conferences

Humans’ bad sense of smell: story of a nonscent
Delplanque Sylvain University of Geneva - GE 01.07.2018 30.06.2020 Agora

Sensing Knowledge Emotions in Multimedia Discovery
Soleymani Mohammad University of Geneva - GE 01.01.2015 28.02.2018 Ambizione

Relevance detection as a psychological determinant of emotional learning
Stussi Yoann University of Geneva - GE 01.03.2015 28.02.2019 Doc.CH (until 2020)

Behaviors minimizing energetic cost: A reward?
Cheval Boris University of Geneva - GE 01.06.2019 31.05.2023 Ambizione

Emotional processes underlying evaluation of high valued goods during service interactions.
Baer Tiffany University of Geneva - GE 01.09.2014 28.02.2018 Doc.CH (until 2020)

Interdisciplinary Conference 'Emotions & Machines'
Cochrane Thomas University of Geneva - GE 01.08.2009 31.10.2009 Scientific Conferences

Desire, Emotion and the Mind
Deonna Julien Amos University of Geneva - GE 01.10.2010 30.09.2014 SNSF Professorships

Testing compassion as a new emotion regulation strategy for promoting conflict resolution
Cernadas Curotto Patricia University of Geneva - GE 01.10.2017 30.09.2021 Doc.CH (until 2020)

Olfactory determinants of human attractiveness: a multimodal and developmental approach
Delplanque Sylvain University of Geneva - GE 01.08.2010 31.01.2015 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Establishing a pluridisciplinary brain and behavior laboratory at the University of Geneva
Scherer Klaus University of Geneva - GE 01.10.2008 31.12.2012 R'EQUIP

Emotions expectations and appraisals
Gerrans Philip University of Geneva - GE 01.02.2008 31.08.2008 International short research visits

Biannual meeting of the International Society for Research on Emotion (ISRE 2015)
Mortillaro Marcello University of Geneva - GE 01.07.2015 30.09.2015 Scientific Conferences

Music, Speech and Emotion: physiological investigations
Dibben Nicola University of Geneva - GE 01.03.2013 31.03.2013 International short research visits