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Department of Philosophy Columbia University

Address Department of Philosophy Columbia University
1150 Amsterdam Avenue
US-New York
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Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

Developing a Kantian-Inspired Dualist Account of Human Cognition and its Potential for a Critical Discussion of Naturalism
Birrer Mathias Institution abroad - IACH 01.04.2016 30.09.2017 Early Postdoc.Mobility

Nomadic Truths: Fantastic Fiction Beyond Postmodernism
Huber Irmtraud Institution abroad - IACH 01.09.2011 29.02.2012 Fellowships for prospective researchers

Typicality and the metaphysics of laws
Lazarovici Dustin Institution abroad - IACH 01.02.2019 31.07.2019 Doc.Mobility

Transcendentalism. An ontology of events and persistence
Costa Damiano Institution abroad - IACH 01.10.2013 30.09.2014 Doc.Mobility

Un "tableau affectif" de la pensée et du comportement évaluatif
Clavien Christine Institution abroad - IACH 01.03.2009 31.08.2009 Fellowships for prospective researchers

The Revival of Atomism: Primitive Particles and Primitive Laws
Hubert Mario Institution abroad - IACH 01.01.2018 30.06.2019 Early Postdoc.Mobility

Emotion and Psychosis: On the Implications of an Affective Model of Delusion Formation
Dub Richard Institution abroad - IACH 01.08.2018 31.07.2020 Advanced Postdoc.Mobility

Necessary Being. The Ontological Argument and the Metaphysics of Modality
Schärli Mario Institution abroad - IACH 01.09.2019 31.08.2020 Doc.Mobility

Haecceitism as a Theory of Individual Essences
Scarpati Maria Institution abroad - IACH 01.09.2016 30.06.2017 Doc.Mobility

De la critique du capitalisme aujourd'hui. Diagnostics et pronostics au 21ème siècle
Curty Gaël Institution abroad - IACH 01.09.2013 28.02.2015 Early Postdoc.Mobility

Traditions, Authenticity and Policy
Beckstein Martin Institution abroad - IACH 01.11.2015 31.08.2017 Advanced Postdoc.Mobility

Die Kritik der logischen Form bei Fichte, Hegel und Schelling
Sommer Marc Nicolas Institution abroad - IACH 01.08.2018 31.07.2019 Advanced Postdoc.Mobility

The Reciprocity Between Citizens and Institutions - A Renewed Emphasis
Wolf-Bauwens Mira Institution abroad - IACH 01.09.2018 31.03.2019 Doc.Mobility